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The Odic Energy Research Institute

What is this all about?

It is about applying the principles of science to ancient odic (Oh´- dik) energy knowledge to learn it again, but this time integrating it with other sciences to allow deeper understanding and exploration of its subtle aspects.

Experimental evidence supports odyle (Oh´- dil) as the physical energy of the implementation of consciousness. As the energy of consciousness, odyle also is central to energy medicine and the paranormal. These three closely-related realms are historically shunned by Academia, not least because they cannot be explained by electromagnetic science which is so much easier to work with. Our measurement devices are electromagnetic, but odic energy is most intimately related to gravity and is, like gravity, very weak. There are no instrumental manipulators of gravitational, odic, or odogravitic energy comparable to electronics.

Newton described gravity, but the brilliant odic investigations around 1850 by Karl von Reichenbach – the Isaac Newton of odyle – were ignored. My annotated 33-page reprinting of original "Reichenbach Experiments" are the basis for several odic science conclusions. I very strongly recommend reading those if you plan to conduct any odic experiments. Organismic experiments should be conducted at low energy with extreme caution. If you want only to read more Reichenbach (available for free download at archive.org), my Nomenclature section at the beginning of "Experiments" will be quite useful to you. Excerpts from my latest book will be posted soon and many of the nearly 700 references in the Hidden in Plain Sight (HiPS) bibliography describe odic-related topics. For example, Chapter 12 explains how historic and contemporary reports of luminous atmospheres now can be traced to specific volcano chemistry, which should, in turn, provide valuable odic chemistry data. However, Academic Science generally remains neither interested in, nor capable of, investigating odyle.

This physical energy is most fully characterized in HiPS Volume 1, the most comprehensive evaluation of odyle since thousands of original experiments 165 years ago. HiPS describes odyle from its apparent quantum characteristics to its geophysical manifestations on and above the Earth. Volume 2 emphasizes spheres and tube flux structures, their creation in different environments, and their surprising appearances in many photographs even when they were unseen by the photographer.

This website is intended to be a central location for odic-related information and research. Odic consciousness theory is described in Section 9 of "Experiments." It may sound simple to say consciousness is implemented by odic energy, but the entire picture involves complex electromagnetic and chemical factors in cellular brain structures which are still not understood. I do not anticipate this basic energy research enabling psychological therapy any time soon.

The Odic Energy Research Institute was created as a non-profit 501(c)(3) and contributions of any kind are welcome. Neither von Reichenbach nor I am odic sensitive and I invite volunteers (especially in the Denver-Boulder area) to participate in odic experiments. I am told none of Reichenbach's equipment or notes have survived to the present day. One goal is to determine precise, reproducible technical details of his experiments. Please share any leads to related experiments, information, or suggestions. I have devoted most of the last seven years to understanding the nature of odyle, but have only recently (early 2013) had time for this website. I intend to conduct some on-going odic citizen science from this site, but that work will be determined by available time and financing. We will see how things develop.

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HIdden in Plain Sight Vol. 1

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Hidden in Plain sight Vol. 2

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the odic energy

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Odic states

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